What Clients Are Saying

Tommy and his team are absolutely amazing. We didn’t have a lot of experience with this SEO stuff so he laid everything out for me in a way that just made sense. They took my business from being nowhere on Google to page 1 after a few months. Not only that, but he showed me ways to not even depend on that for getting new customers. I honestly couldn’t be happier.

George S.

Boston, MA

We own a bike shop here in Brooklyn and tried so many different ways to advertise to get some more business, but either it wasn’t enough or we would just get ripped off. You guys intuitively understand the best way to get a business more customers. Needless to say, I’m extremely satisfied with what Oracle Nova has done for us and looking forward to continuing together.

Daryl R.

Brooklyn, NY

My company runs a portfolio of 50+ sites, and over the last 7 years, we’ve had some pretty bad experiences with SEO firms. After I found Oracle Nova, it took me about 2 minutes to realize that they were clearly head and shoulders above the rest. Almost every web property of ours reached page 1 rankings within the specified time-frame. We are all very happy!

Mary S.

Chicago, IL

Oracle Nova has been critical to our strong sales growth. Within 3 months of signing up, our sales went up 42% up and we’re looking to double this year’s numbers at this rate. In a very competitive industry, this is no small feat and we owe a great deal of gratitude to the amazing work of Tommy and his team.

Amanda Z.

Houston, TX

I have an ongoing love/hate relationship with Google and don’t understand this online stuff. My site tanked after a Google update and I needed help immediately because I get a great deal of my business through it. Luckily, I came across a friend who used Oracle Nova before, and after around month 4, I didn’t just get back to page 1, but I reclaimed #1 spots in both organic and Google business listings.

Danny N.

Austin, TX

I run a decently sized retail operation in Westfield London. As my business grew, I needed to take it to the next level with someone that had an advanced knowledge of marketing. Oracle Nova helped me plan a localized media strategy that incorporated and expanded our brand recognition that attracted more vendors and many, many more customers through the door. I exclusively use them for all my online promotion.

Aloysius F.

London, UK

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