Case Studies

The only thing that matters is ROI.

Results, bottom lines, and most importantly, an ROI is what gauges the level of success that you have when investing in your business.

Here are just a few case studies of some past clients and their results.

For the protection of our clients when presenting any results, all identifying data is removed.

Case Study 1 (Medical) – From #28 to #1

This individual business had a goal of selling more of a specific medical device in their area. Their main competitor was a large corporation (Fortune 1000 company), but we identified and took advantage of a gateway where we could educate and funnel potential buyers. Within a few months, traffic increased 413%.

Case Study 2 (Legal) – From #18 to #3

This company tried several other marketing companies to no avail. Luckily, the quality of SEO work wasn’t too damaging, however, there were tons of missed opportunities that we spotted. After 2 months, not only did we get them to the top 3, but we decreased their bounce rate by 58% while increasing their conversion rate by 64%.

Case Study 3 (Real Estate) – From #123 to #12

There’s no denying that the real estate niche is a very competitive one. With no previous SEO work done to their site, we were able to focus all our efforts in not only bringing them closer to the top within just a few months, but implemented other marketing channels that increased their lead capture volume by over 106%.

Case Study 4 (Health) – From #52 to #10

As a higher end client in a overly saturated and cut-throat field, we decided that a combination of organic and paid search marketing was the best way for them to see a solid ROI. In just over a month, we were able to secure them front page placement as well documenting a 51% traffic increase.

Case Study 5 (Finance) – From #123 to #5

Through strategic positioning via Google and various social channels, we dove in and delivered a top 5 ranking as well as helped this medium sized business increase their monthly revenues by over $10,000 through a nationwide campaign. They are now able to be more selective about the types of financing that they accept and have lowered their risk tolerance.

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